The Good Life

The kids are back at school, the dog is still alive (she’s old with heart disease) and apart from the cat disappearing (heartbreaking), we’re loving life right now, even with this bloody Covid still ravaging the world. Living where we do, Covid-19 has become something of an academic exercise. Sure, supply of product has beenContinue reading “The Good Life”

Treasure and Tragedy

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these, but had some fun writing this wee review on Susan Badcock’s latest series of art, Treasure and Tragedy… Treasure and Tragedy   In her latest series, Treasure and Tragedy, Susan Badcock turns storyteller. However, her tales are no happily ever after. Instead they are darkly despairing, raisingContinue reading “Treasure and Tragedy”

Freshening up for a Bright Future

Wowsers…when someone chose ochre-on-ochre fourteen years ago they did an outstandingly effective job at matching those bricks to the linear, maybe a little too good! Cocooned in a haven of yellowy-brown the residents of this aged residential village have been happy. However, these days they want a little zing in their step, a little lifeContinue reading “Freshening up for a Bright Future”

Communication – it’s about Listening too

Starting out as a new design business has its challenges. When does a business stop becoming a start-up? What advertising really works? How do you sell yourself as a concept, not a shop full of product? Will people even like what you do? I guess I have to be true to myself and if there’sContinue reading “Communication – it’s about Listening too”