Interior Design Services

When you walk into a home and it feels heart-warmingly welcoming, seamlessly stylish, effortlessly cool and filled with personality, it’s probably fair to say the principals of good design are hard at work, quietly providing the base for life to be loved and lived!

In most cases, it takes planning, knowlege, resources and hard work – things Pip thrives on and loves to share, giving you the home that makes you smile.


Pip adores working with colour, challenging you, supporting you and pulling together a cohesive colour palette that works for you and your home.

Exterior, interior, just a room or two…nothing is too big or small!

Pip will supply you with paint drawdowns as well as detailed specifications for your tradies to follow, taking all the guesswork out and giving you the confidence it’s going to look incredible!


Pulling together colour, texture, pattern, art, furniture and furnishings, you can expect to receive design concepts that are visual, fresh and creative.

  • Mood boards
  • Wallpaper cuttings
  • Flooring samples
  • Paint drawdowns
  • Shopping lists
  • Accessory recommendations
  • Lighting ideas
  • Fabric cuttings
  • Furniture concepts

Once the design has been agreed, Pip has access to an incredible range of suppliers and makers, ranging from bespoke custom-made items to off-the-shelf purchases.

She will ensure the timely supply of goods and services to your project and can work with you and your tradies so the completed result is exactly as envisaged and often even better! (Pip still gets a kick out of seeing her designs come to fruition, admitting she still get that KAPOW WOW moment when she sees them completed!)