The Pippa Story

I am Pip Goldsbury, owner of Pippa Words & Interiors, freelance writer, interior designer, bewildered hotelier (can I really call myself a hotelier if I have an AirBnb apartment?!), reluctant blogger, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.

With a degree in the arts and a teaching background, I made the switch from teaching to writing several years ago, and since then I’ve thrived on the challenge of producing magazine-worthy stories. I still feel a rush when I submit a new story – what if they hate it, maybe they’ll love it?! –  but the challenge is worth it when I see my words published,  as well as the opportunity to meet some amazingly inspirational and incredibly interesting people along the way.

But I didn’t stop at just writing. I also studied towards a Diploma in Interior Design. I love eclectic pattern, layers of gorgeous texture and bursts of rich colour. For me, successful design is one of harmony, personality, surprise and a space that feels like home.

The Magpie Pippa bit? Can’t help myself – just like a magpie, I can’t resist a bit of bling and an unexpected treasure! And with a writing and design business called Pippa Words & Interiors, this is the blogging extension of that.

Friends sometimes ask if I’m going to open a shop or an online store. Absolutely not! Instead, what you see is what you get – me! I’m it; lock, stock and barrel – an interior designer and a freelance writer working from home, raising a family, keeping busy and loving life!

Pip x

Portrait Credit: John Badcock, NZ