Maestros and Matriarchs

For me, driving a car is about getting from A to B.

I don’t care for ugly, but I also don’t care for makes and models and anything beyond where the petrol goes…unless it’s a white 1974 Volkswagen Scirocco, a clapped-out coupe that stole my heart! We bought the thing for next to nothing because it was worth nothing! A leftover boy-racer of the ’70s, our coupe had been lowered and modified. The engine didn’t just broom broom, it throbbed and growled, promising rebellion and high speed. But that was as far as it got. Our car might have promised the world but it delivered on nothing! Nonetheless, this car had a charm beyond it’s constant run of breakdowns and we persisted with it until a baby was on the way and the need for a reliable ride became a priority.

Therefore, when the chance to write about Geraldine Auto Restorations came up, I leapt at the chance. These guys love old cars, achieving the impossible with these old matriarchs of the road. They really are maestros, lovingly restoring these old cars back to life.

It might be too late for my Scirocco, but it’s reassuring to pull up a pew in the sunshine and know someone else’s love affair has a chance.

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