Freshening up for a Bright Future

Wowsers…when someone chose ochre-on-ochre fourteen years ago they did an outstandingly effective job at matching those bricks to the linear, maybe a little too good! Cocooned in a haven of yellowy-brown the residents of this aged residential village have been happy. However, these days they want a little zing in their step, a little life and a little oomph. In spite of the challenges of 2020, they’re looking forward to the decade, not hiding in a time capsule.

Tasked with the job of sympathetically updating the entire village in a classic and timeless manner, it made sense to turn to Resene Half Ash, an earthy grey neutral, a greige that sits softly between the Resene Ironsand garage doors and the pale grey window joinery.

Add Resene Quarter Thordon Cream to the soffits and the trims to create lift and all of a sudden these Over 60s have a village for the future!

Loving the latest formatting options from WordPress – even a techie noob like me can manage a good before and after slide!

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