Communication – it’s about Listening too

Starting out as a new design business has its challenges. When does a business stop becoming a start-up? What advertising really works? How do you sell yourself as a concept, not a shop full of product? Will people even like what you do?

I guess I have to be true to myself and if there’s one thing I can definitely do, it’s listen to people. I’m not a published magazine writer because I write what I want to hear; I write what people tell me and I tell their story.

It’s the same for design. Listening is so important. Get to the heart of what a customer really loves and how they really want to live and you’re half way there. Impose my stroppy self on them and they’ll be living in a house that’s all about me, not all about them.

In the meantime, I’m loving the Khroma Glasshouse wallpaper collection from Masureel – watch out Geraldine; the brief was ‘glam’ and it’s coming to a gorgeous commercial space in your hometown soon!


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