Arty Farty Mumbo Jumbo

It feels like forever ago, but once-upon-a-time Art History was a big part of my life. It was my favourite subject at school and I dabbled in it for a couple of years at university.

Even then, I always wondered how the lecturers could so conclusively declare the meaning of life or the political statements of a dead-for-500-years artist by analysing a blob of paint or a wayward brushstroke.

These days I know some artists, real artists with big reputations and I feel incredibly privileged that they trust me to write about their work, even luckier to count them as my friends. And it’s with these living, breathing, walking, talking artists that I discover they too have a laugh at some of the statements the reviewers make about their work!

In the meantime, here’s a wee sample of my own arty farty mumbo jumbo that I’ve written when reviewing their work:

A shadowed and atmospheric winter scene examines the decisions of everyday life in Sharon Whittaker’s latest series. ‘Beyond the trees are the trees and beyond the paths are the paths’ she says. Landscapes within landscapes borrow from photography to explore altered perspectives, while an invitation to life’s pilgrimage is extended. Immersed in the protection of the trees, decisions are made and life chooses its path.

“In an increasingly reckless society enamoured by consumption and waste, our children face an uncertain future. Yet they bear our burdens and carry our glut with wisdom and dignity beyond their years.” – Susan Badcock

Too Sky High and Wild by Sharon Whittaker; Hand-coloured Portrait by Susan Badcock

Photo credit: Susan Badcock Gallery, Geraldine, New Zealand  

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