Contemporary Country

In all their glorious variation, stripes have the ability to add a hefty dose of wow factor to a room – vertical, horizontal, zig zag, uniform, irregular, tonal, multi-colour…where does the list end?!

Better still, I love the ability of stripes to mix superbly with other pattern, whether that’s floral, dotty, solid or geometric. Layer up the pattern and challenge the old school establishment!

However, that’s not to say you should be completely reckless. The use of Resene Inside Back in this Air BnB farm studio has retained a softly staunch country-style colour scheme, yet delivers oomph and contemporary punch with some round-the-wall-and-through-the-door colour blocking, while bringing a welcome sense of  proportion to the kitchen with irregular horizontal stripes.

Big ups to Lyn for having the confidence to challenge her design boundaries by introducing a bold, playful and effective element to her gorgeous wee space! 

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