Working with Family

Mum’s always going to be my toughest client – get it wrong and I’ll never hear the end of it, but get it right and she’s my biggest backer, fangirl and marketing guru rolled into one! Luckily I know what she likes and nailed her new home as well as the club house at her golf course – well, Mum and I reckon I did!

And then there’s my sister, the middle one to be exact. I get a phone call from her.

Sister: What colour shall I paint the house?

Me: I dunno, I’m busy. Are you doing the whole thing?

Sister: Yes.

Me: OK, I’ll get back to you.

Ten minutes later the phone rings again.

Sister: Well? What colour have you decided?

And just like that, over the phone, she’s committed to transforming her dated farm house from yellowy cream and green to a gorgeously updated grey scheme.

So, it’s this…

…or this

…but probably this (new faves from Aalto Paint – Detach, Cloudy White, Curfew & First Light)

…and the painter’s booked for May. I’ll share when it’s finished.

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