Updating a Kids Room

There’s something so tempting about designing a room that’s an exact reflection of your idea of the perfect room for a child.

But have you seen how fast these little guys grow?! One minute they’re a baby and life revolves around nappies and mashed veggies, the next they’re teens with opinions that may or may not be grunted at you.

And somehow you need to find the sweet spot where their bedroom can be a space they love to call their own – not babyish, not adult, but rather a place that lets their personality shine through without a major renovation and overhaul every six months!

For me, one of the most important factors in planning a kids room is storage. Make sure they’ve got places to stash their trash, whether it be lego, sports gear, teddy bears or nail polish. Functional drawers, whether they’re on display or built into wardrobes, won’t guarantee clothes are put away but at least there’s no excuse not to!

And then there’s kid buy-in. Do listen to the young person. Work with their ideas around colour and pattern but moderate these themes so the room becomes a flexible base for developing minds, growing personalities and accessories that reflect their age and stage. Personally, I adore those magazine-worthy stylishly styled kids rooms in barely-there shades of sand with minimal floor coverings, natural bedding and undeniably cool accessories that are quite simply beyond chic. But ask my daughter what she thinks and she says ‘boring and brown.’ Simply put, the base doesn’t have to be bland, but you need to feel confident you can work with it in the future.

Lastly, accept you’re going to have to update those accessories, no matter how judiciously styled they are. That beloved fluffy cushion in baby pink she couldn’t live without last winter is probably ‘so 2018’ this winter. Can you tell I’ve just been there? Needless to say, the offending cushion has just been replaced by sophisticated muted velvets that have left me looking at my own bed wondering why I’m the one who always misses out!

In with the new and out with the old – accessories can make a world of difference in a young person’s room. 


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