Banishing White

There’s a movement going on, one out of the UK, and it’s one that’s challenging age-old design rules that we all grew up with.

It’s about white, white paint to be exact, and it’s default position in the world of interiors. Let’s face it, are your walls, frames and ceilings white? If you really stop and think about it, would a different shade be better?

It’s a bit like those brightly patterned pants in your wardrobe that you always wear with a white tee. Would they look better with a soft sage, a barely-there pink or an inky navy?

Likewise, is your south-facing hallway painted white just because someone made up a rule that said you have to paint it white to bounce the light, regardless of how cold this makes it feel? Whatever happened to embracing your dark side and adding some rich drama and warmth to your life?

Or how about that bathroom ceiling? White? Why not a gorgeously reflective silver that enriches the room and works with the tapware?

Now, I’ll be the first to admit I’m not willing to give up on white altogether. I love soft, chalky whites and while I love to incorporate colour into my design, from big bold blocks to whispers of hushed hues, I also use heaps of white. But it’s great to be challenged and it’s definitely worthwhile taking a good hard look at your home and questioning is that white really right?


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