The Bedroom that became a Games Room that’s still a Bedroom

I’m yet to find a 13-year old boy who likes his bedroom ‘styled’. That’s not to say he doesn’t have his own sense of style, but my experience suggests it’s not usually what Mum wants!

Throw in the multipurpose games table he’s been saving for and you’ve  got a situation on your hands. Because let’s face it, these things need space, they can dominate and they’re not the prettiest piece of furniture!

And that was the challenge at this seaside bach. A new addition to the house, the room now functions beautifully as a bedroom and a games room with colour and art defining the zones. The room isn’t big, but it has everything it needs – bed, locker, sofa, side tables and the all-important games table.

While Mum still shakes her head, the boy is happy – air hockey, soccer, ping pong, table tennis… he’s like a pig in mud!

And Mum still gets to enjoy the texture, colour, light, pattern and a holiday.

Win win.


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