Whoop Whoop, Break out the Bubbles – Diploma Done and Dusted!

It’s official – after too many years of distance learning from the kitchen table, I recently passed my last ever paper and I’m finally a fully qualified interior designer with the diploma to prove it!

Aaron’s nervous. He thinks he’s going to come home one day to find the house overhauled. In the meantime, here’s my pricing plan as at Christmas 2018.

Pippa Pricing

Need a little inspiration to get things started? Or perhaps you want a detailed schedule for your latest venture?

I offer an independent and personalised interior design and decorating service, fashioning spaces that are all about you and your lifestyle.

 The Pippa Inspo ($120)

Perfect for finding a quick design fix or if you’re looking for a little personalised inspiration.

The Pippa Inspo provides you with a personal consultation, mood boards and shopping lists for two rooms. Think colour, texture and textiles and let me transform your space into one you want to spend time in!

 The Pippa Mini ($550)

Bring magic into your home and revamp blah spaces!

The Pippa Mini will suit people looking to overhaul their home and includes a personal consultation, full interior and exterior colour schedules, flooring and window treatment ideas, shopping lists and mood boards.

The Pippa Full ($1050)

Design and decorate your home from scratch!

The Pippa Full is your secret weapon for a total transformation that’s a reflection of you and your personality – perfect for new builds or full renos.

You’ll get a personal consultation, full interior and exterior colour schedules, window treatment suggestions, kitchen and bathroom ideas, inspiration for lighting, flooring and tiling as well as extensive shopping lists and mood boards.

Pippa One Offs, Additional Help & Shopping Expeditions ($55/hour)

A package doesn’t suit or you need something a little different? We can make it work for you.

Pippa Words (P.O.A)

Want a few words detailing your splendid space – or lots of other stuff, for that matter? As a freelance writer, I can also help with any written requirements.

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