Verdant Verde

When a super-stylish Dane asks you to collaborate with her to create a new-look room for a popular Geraldine-based cafe, it’s a big honour and a teeny tiny bit scary.

  1. It was my first foray into commercial work.
  2. There is no hiding from it; love it or hate it, everyone sees it.
  3. The owner didn’t even want test pots; her trust in my colour judgement was terrifyingly complete.
  4. Did I mention how stylish she is?!

The result was the Botanical Room at Cafe Verde.

A stunning wallpaper, supplied by the owner, was the starting point. Teamed with a paint palette of down and dirty Resene Ruck n Maul (what’s not to love about the name?!), the warm crispness of the Resene Thorndon Cream range, natural rough-sawn timber ceilings, and original wooden flooring and the room is looking fab! The coffee’s pretty damned good too!

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