Upside Down but not Inside Out

It was a privilege to work with artist Susan Badcock again, forming a few words to accompany her latest series of work, The Upside to the Down.

Championing the traditional art form of hand-coloured photography, there’s no denying Susan’s talent.

Words and sneak peak…

Since establishing herself as an artist on the rise, Susan Badcock’s hand-coloured photography has moved from strength to strength and her latest series, The Upside to the Down, is no exception.

Susan’s signature style is prevalent – exquisite photography stripped of colour and delicately reintroduced by hand in the method of yesteryear. However, she continues to push boundaries to create works that are at once a celebration of form and balance, as well as a commentary on societal expectations.

In a compositional extension of her Road Kill series, The Upside to the Down is a combination of singular stems and bouquets of summer blooms suspended upside down, floating in freefall unhindered by distractions. Deliberately flummoxing, Susan references the topsy-turvy world we inhabit and the highs that come with the lows. “There is always a positive to the negative” she says.

While Susan’s trademark muted pastels are evident, she has pushed the oil paints to introduce an element of frosted bronze, pioneering a sense of sculpture and a celebration of form. Once again, Susan has referenced the traditional techniques of hand-coloured photography, conveying her passion and respect for tradition while employing thoroughly contemporary ideology in a series that will appeal to a wide patronage.

The Upside to the Down opens at Susan Badcock Studio on 23 March from 5-7pm and will exhibit until 6 April.



Art and photo credit: Susan Badcock


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