Huge on Hygge?

It’s on the lips and fingertips of all the most-styley bloggers right now – Danish Hygge – that uber cool sense of style that the Danes have in spades, yet is more than just a ‘look’ or a style statement, but a way of life that embraces cosiness and ambiance.

Whether you like it or not, lighting plays a massive role in creating mood and atmosphere in a room, and whether I like it or not, I’m always going to struggle for a sense of hygge in my own home, what with a husband who likes nothing better than a well-lit room! And by that I mean bright! Aagghhh, where’s the sense of drama and intimacy when the dinner table is lit up like an operating theatre?!

But every now and then, we turn off the overhead lights, set the table properly and let the candles do their thing – beautiful flickering flames that draw the family together and, just for a moment, we have the teeniest tiniest hint of hygge.



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