Heart Pounding Stuff

I’m sure it shouldn’t be so scary and I’m equally sure my heart shouldn’t be getting a great pounding workout like I’ve been running.

Making the decision to hit forty, have a crisis, quit teaching and reinvent myself as a freelance writer and interior designer has been at once liberating and quite the scariest thing I’ve done in a long time – worse even than the time I did a bridge swing!

While I’ve been whipping up feel-good stories for the local paper for a couple of years, written some half-decent art reviews, tried my hand at ghost writing, explored social media writing and handed in all my interior design assignments on time, this writing gig is about to get real as I submit my first story for Latitude magazine, a Canterbury-based mag that’s read all over New Zealand.

However, it’s a mash-up of two of the things I love – writing and interiors – and it’s using the skill set I studied for all those years ago at uni. Life’s gotta be good when it’s keeping you on your toes and your passion can become your career, right?

And so there it went,  I’ve just submitted my first ever Latitude story – Ali Chaffey and her gorgeous Villa 114 in the equally devine Akaroa.

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